Grow with God • When I don’t really have time..

Hello Everybody! I hope you’re all doing great this week and if you are in school that you are staying ahead! Personally, I have a larger course load than I have had in several years so balancing it with work, church, bf, and family has been interesting so far, but I am doing it! There… Continue reading Grow with God • When I don’t really have time..


5 Tips for Freshman to Ace a Class!

If you are an incoming freshman to college this year then you may a tad bit nervous about diving into this wonderous pool of the unknown. Well, don’t worry. College can be so much fun, but it’s definitely as good as you make it. Go into it with an open mind and an optimistic mindset that this year is going to be amazing.

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you ain’t seen nothing yet

Hey y'all. It has been a while, amiright? I could do the whole spiel with “oh I've been busy,” “life got in the way,” yadda yadda yadda. Which all are technically true, but quite honestly, i just could not bring myself to write a blog post about being the “amazing christian” that i am when i did… Continue reading you ain’t seen nothing yet